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How to Write an Irresistible Product Landing Page

A product landing page is one of the most important pages for a seller. Its only goal is to convince prospects to buy a product. It has to be carefully crafted and built to convert. Here are some ideas on how you can write an angelic product landing page.

1. Stick to one goal for landing page

This cannot be overemphasized. Since the goal is for you to get a sale, then you should make sure that everything you write is actually geared towards making that sale. Therefore, make sure it has no navigation, no unnecessary links etc. Just your sales copy and the order buttons.

2. Have a catchy heading and subheading for landing page

All effective landing pages have a killer heading. This usually has the biggest font and makes the biggest promise about what buyers will receive when they buy a product.

The heading should make the main promise, while the subheading should highlight the mechanism. For example, if the heading contains “Lose Weight Fast”, the subheading can include “With a Powerful 30 Minute Routine”.

3. Avoid filler words for landing page

The product landing page should be compact and concise. Remember the reader most likely got there after clicking on a link somewhere. They simply want be sure that they will get value for the time they have invested in clicking and reading.

Therefore, you should avoid using filler words which will seem like a waste of their time. These include words like “come here” instead of just “come” or “ask a question” instead of just “ask”. Always have one thing in mind, that any word on the landing page should be useful. Anything that doesn’t belong there shouldn’t be there.

4. Social proof for landing page

Social proofing is one of the most powerful psychological triggers to buying. Therefore, if you have 14,234 customers or have sold to a famous person, highlight that in your copy.

You can mix have different ways of social proofing. These may include:

  • Displaying logos of your clients
  • Having testimonials from high-end, well known clients
  • Having testimonials from people who look like ordinary, everyday buyers
  • Mentioning some numbers such as how many people have tried the solution and it worked
  • Having sharing buttons with numbers; such as the “Tweet” or “Share” buttons that show how many people shared.

5. Mix up your medium of communication for landing page

Some people love text and others love images. For others, videos may be their thing. Mixing all this up in your copy will make it attractive to all these prospects, especially if you have a long copy.

Long copy can be broken down such that it has paragraphs, images, bullet points, a number of “Buy Now” buttons in between, videos etc. This makes it an easier and more interesting read. It also allows those who are convinced in between to just go ahead and order instead of having to scroll all the way down.

Bottom line

An effective product landing page is something that needs a lot of creativity and testing. It is one place where you go big and give it your all. Make sure you follow the above steps and you should have an excellent page that drives sales. Additionally, keep testing and analyzing different landing page copies so that you keep improving the conversion rate.

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