Great Internet Marketing Techniques for Today’s Marketer

Internet marketing is one of the fastest growing methods of marketing. This is because it requires less physical effort, has a wider reach and when done well, can have a low cost of acquisition. It literally has infinite benefits to those who use proper methods. So, what are these web marketing techniques?


blogging for internet marketing

This is one of the basics that one needs to done when it comes to internet marketing.

You can choose to have a website with a blog in it, or just use the blog by itself for you marketing. In your blog, make sure you write high quality, targeted content for your potential buyers. Focus on content that targets your buyer’s needs.

Once your buyer is convinced that you really want to help them solve their problems, they are more likely to buy from you.

Search engine optimization


One of the first places where people look for information are search engines, especially Google. Tap into this great resource by optimizing your blog and website for search engines.

This way, when people search specific keywords, they will get your site on the first page of search engine result pages. A keyword is the phrase that users put on search engines when searching for information.

Research on excellent buyer keywords – those keywords that show buyer intent e.g. “buy weight loss equipment”. Once you get a list of great keywords for your site, make sure you use them in the following places:

  • Headings
  • Subheadings
  • URL slugs
  • Image ALT tags

SEO methods are very dynamic and they keep changing every few months, therefore it’s good to keep in step with the changes so that your site can get to the top of search results and remain there.

Social media internet marketing

social media marketing

You can do both paid and free social media marketing.

Paid social media marketing will involve creation of ads on Facebook or Twitter. The ads can target a landing page where you market your products or where you collect leads for email marketing. You can also use this to market your offers and promotions.

For free social media marketing, you can be doing useful posts on your niche. Optimize the posts to target issues that affect your potential clients. Let them find you as the go to person or company for certain products and services.

Email marketing

email marketing

Email marketing is a very powerful method of collecting leads and converting them to buyers. Some experts consider it the best ever form of marketing ever.

Here, you simply need to choose an email marketing software that you will use. These are web based applications that help you collect the emails, store them and even send out the emails to millions of people. Good email marketing programs have great analytics features that will help you with targeting.

Just like all the other methods above, make sure you don’t only send promotional emails. Send a lot of mails that solve your prospects’ problems. This will help fortify their trust in you such that when you send a marketing email, many of them will purchase your products.


Internet marketing is great, powerful and convenient. It is a great wave that has been sweeping across all niches and helping business people increase their sales and conversions. Use the methods prescribed above and you will definitely see some great results that will improve your bottom line and your profits.

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