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5 Things You Should Get From a Marketing Consultation

Finding a consultant is not that hard. Finding a good consultant is.

But how can someone tell the difference between a good consultant and an inauspicious one? Today, for some reason, everybody poses as a marketing expert.

Today we will be taking a look at 5 key characteristics every efficient marketing consultant should come with.

You can look for them either while you are searching for a new associate or right after you have finished a marketing consultation. Use the following as a guide to figure out whether you have found a great fit for the position or not.

But first, let’s just answer the obvious question:

Why Do You Need Marketing Consultation?

The internet has created a huge trap we have all fallen into at least once in our lives. Given the fact that almost any information is just a Google search away, people tend to falsely believe they are superhumans.

As a result, they work on many projects they have never been trained for. Promoting their own products and services is one of these projects, but the outcome is, most of the times, mediocre.

This is what consultants try to do these days: Fix the mistakes created by this Internet trap.

So why does a business need marketing consultation? The reasons vary:

A. Consultants are Experts

First of all, marketing consultants usually have a professional background in the industry. They know how to work on various projects and what each one of them needs in order to succeed.

A marketing consultant will present to you the areas you should focus on while, at the same time, their experience will help them get the job done faster and better. Also, they will know all the current trends and how to implement them.

In other words, they know what to do and how to do it.

B. Outside Perspective

Consultants are often seen as bossy and game-changers. This is because they tend to take business owners out of their comfort zones due to the fact they see things differently. Plus, they often bring fresh — even groundbreaking — ideas to the table.

Whether you like it or not, even if you have put together a great team of marketers, you will always be blinded by some level of bias. An expert in marketing consultation will not.

C. They Save a Lot of Time

And we mean A LOT! Because of their experience, they can take care of the things they know best while you are focusing on other, equally important tasks. Also, hiring a marketing consultant is fast and easy which accelerates the whole procedure even more.

However, you should know what to look for before you even hire a marketing consultation expert.

Keep reading for the top 5 signs that you have found the best professional for the job:

1. Experience and Record of Success

Of course, before you hire someone for a marketing consultation position, you need to know about their experience and how they have performed in projects similar to the ones you want to assign them with.

Also, the more experienced a professional is, the faster they will perform and the better price you will get. For your information, most service providers out there charge hourly.

Look for someone who specializes in your niche and area of business. This way you will make sure that your potential consultant is not just used to the general, corporate environment where personal relationships and communication are not always direct.

2. Communication Skills

Speaking of communication, when you are looking for someone, not only for marketing consultation but for any other position, you need to take a look at their communication skills.

You must maintain an honest relationship with your co-workers and a consultant is not an exception.

Make sure they hear what you have to say and they respect your goals and company values. At the same time, a marketing consultant should demonstrate the ability to give unbiased opinions about realistic solutions they can give to your problems.

Set the record straight right from the start. Explain to them what your needs include and don’t forget to be open to new ideas. A consultant is there to consult you, not just listen to your requests.

3. Trust

This is a given. You have to be able to trust your employees, co-workers, employers, associates, consultants, everyone. Trust is important to maintain a balanced work environment, especially in the field of marketing.

You see, when you hire someone from the outside who also specializes in your industry, it basically means that you are welcoming into your inner circle a person who has contacts with your competition. After all, this is how consultants work. They move from one firm to another.

Notice if your marketing consultant shares sensitive information about other businesses when they are pitching you in an attempt to get you as a client.

If they are sharing data like a marketing plan organized by a competitor, they will most likely let their next client know about your strategies as well.

4. Approach

People don’t always work the same way you do. You have to remember that, when you are getting someone to work for you as a consultant, you should always remain open to new approaches.

In your initial discussions, mention your ethics and philosophies but don’t fail to hear the proposals and recommendations they have in order to achieve the best possible results.

Not to play Devil’s advocate here, but most likely, since we are talking about an expert in marketing and marketing consultation, their point of view will be better and it will both save time and get ROI.

If your consultant has this “can-do” attitude and makes you feel confident and sure about your choice, you have found yourself a catch.

5. Autonomy

You know you have hired a professional when you don’t always have to guide them through every single step and you are free of basic tasks like decision making.

Autonomy, most of the times, means professionalism.

In fact, this is the main point of hiring a marketing consultant: Keeping up the good work from your end while leaving the marketing projects to an expert. There is no reason why you should let a consultant disrupt your schedule. If they do, it just means they are neither ready not the best for the job.


Figuring out which marketing consultation expert is right for you can be quite challenging. After all, these people are good at pitching their services — they are good at promoting both their clients’ and their own services.

However, keeping in mind the 5 key facts we mentioned above will help you make up your mind and take the right decision.

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