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4 Excellent Lead Conversion Strategies that Actually Work

If you’re selling anything, then one of your biggest needs must be lead conversion. You simply want to get as many customers as possible who subscribe to your mailing lists and yearn to buy your products. It’s even better to get repeat customers who keep paying for your services like their lives depended on it.

Here are 4 incredible tips that will help you convert your leads into sales.

1. Useful content for lead conversion

usefuent for leadsl cont

You need to have striking, engaging, educational, updated and authoritative content. Try to give it an extra edge to ensure it is absolutely unique and has some personality to it, such that the reader will want to keep reading more and more.

Once your readers feel like you give excellent solutions to their problems, they will be happy to subscribe to your mailing list, buy from you and even become repeat customers. Just make sure you keep giving them superb solutions that work, consistently.

2. Be social

be social for leads

With excellent design and content, you will start getting droves of leads in your stream, and probably a good number of sales too. For continuous lead conversion, make sure you go social. This will make you appear all rounded, available and still add to your personality.

Social media is usually great to help nurture more leads who can later be converted, as well as to maintain and support current conversions. Due to the transparency of social media, positive social posts about you can also increase your conversion rate.

3. Include high value testimonials for lead conversion

 Include high value testimonials

When presented with something new, one of the questions that comes to our minds is, “Who can vouch for you?” That’s where testimonials come in. The higher the value of the testimonial, the better it will be for your business.

For example, if you are establishing a new business and one of the influencers in the field uses your products and loves it, they can give a high value testimonial. Many people will quickly want to buy your products once they see a familiar face, who they love, highly recommending them.

4. Use psychological triggers


Once you have a number of leads from your website and social media campaigns, you can use some psychological triggers to quickly convert them to buyers. Some of these include:

  • Showing how your product will relieve pain or bring pleasure to your leads.
  • Giving the feeling of something being new, even if there are just minor changes e.g. how phone and car companies keep releasing new models every year. People get a rush when they know they’ll get the latest version of a product.
  • Telling stories. These trigger emotions that can fasten the lead conversion process.
  • Giving simple solutions to what seems like a very difficult problem. Psychologically, people love convenience and will not hesitate to pay for a simple solution.
  • Build great anticipation before any product release. That’s how Apple gets people to line up to buy new products, even before they’re released!
  • Limited time offers. Telling people that you’re giving an offer for a limited time can quicken their conversion.


The above methods work and will help improve your lead conversion. Remember that the number one conversion tool is your product. If you have an awesome product that people love, it will be easier to convert fast and repeatedly. After that, ensure you provide useful content, remain social, have testimonials and use psychological triggers to increase your conversion rates.

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