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digital marketing funnel

How a Digital Marketing Funnel Helps Grow Business

Starting a business can be a scary process. It is even scarier when you consider that just 20 percent of new businesses make it past the first year of operation. Even after passing that first milestone, it still isn’t smooth sailing for every new business. Just half of all businesses survive past the five-year mark. […]

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conversion funnel analytics

Using Conversion Funnel Analytics To Solve Problems

For many business owners, getting a customer to make the simple click of “Add to Shopping Cart” is a leap of faith. They may as well be flying blind trying to design a sales funnel. But, with conversion funnel analytics, you can be sure that your customers make their way past the shipping information page. […]

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marketing consultation

5 Things You Should Get From a Marketing Consultation

Finding a consultant is not that hard. Finding a good consultant is. But how can someone tell the difference between a good consultant and an inauspicious one? Today, for some reason, everybody poses as a marketing expert. Today we will be taking a look at 5 key characteristics every efficient marketing consultant should come with. […]

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website copywriting

The Key To Website Copywriting For Better SEO

Having a strong SEO strategy is more than knowing your keywords and identifying an audience. Your keywords have to be effectively used in website copywriting to make a difference. This means going beyond writing a strong search title. It means including a mix of relevant keywords throughout different landing pages. Such a focus makes you […]

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landing page

How to Write an Irresistible Product Landing Page

A product landing page is one of the most important pages for a seller. Its only goal is to convince prospects to buy a product. It has to be carefully crafted and built to convert. Here are some ideas on how you can write an angelic product landing page.

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lead conversion

4 Excellent Lead Conversion Strategies that Actually Work

If you’re selling anything, then one of your biggest needs must be lead conversion. You simply want to get as many customers as possible who subscribe to your mailing lists and yearn to buy your products. It’s even better to get repeat customers who keep paying for your services like their lives depended on it.

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Affiliate Marketing

The Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Secrets for Beginners

Is it true that you are thinking about doing affiliate marketing and considering how to begin? The primary thing is to comprehend what subsidiary promoting is and isn’t. This practice comprises of offering items from another vendor on your site for a rate of the benefit. The more items someone purchases from you, the more […]

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Great Internet Marketing Techniques for Today’s Marketer

Internet marketing is one of the fastest growing methods of marketing. This is because it requires less physical effort, has a wider reach and when done well, can have a low cost of acquisition. It literally has infinite benefits to those who use proper methods. So, what are these web marketing techniques?

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marketing funnel

Marketing Funnel the best way to promote and market products and services

As a business owner, be it on a large or small scale, but most especially the retail business, you might have heard about marketing funnel , and then you wish to know more about a Sale or Marketing system . Before going deep into what a promotion steps you need, I will like you to flash back and […]

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market your product

How to properly market your product or services?

  There is certainly the right way and the wrong away to go about marketing any services. When you market your services the wrong way you end up wasting valuable dollars and receive no ROI. Traffic can be very costly hence why getting the best traffic possible that is targeted and that will convert is […]

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